Story Board

The Story Board is a ragamuffin group of talented ne’er-do-wells and raconteurs who organize the Mudrooms storytelling nights.

Alida Bus – A Ray of Sunshine

Alida Bus was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. She has a B.S. in natural resources from Colorado State University and an M.P.A from the University of Alaska Southeast. She works as a Healthcare Program Coordinator at the Division of Insurance. Alida wrote a food blog based around the Fiddlehead Cookbook. She loves scrapbooking, bicycle and kayak touring, ran her first (and last) marathon in 2011 and is a dual U.S.-Dutch citizen. She loves being involved with Mudrooms, as each story creates a stronger sense of place and community.

Rich Moniak – The Dose of Introspection

Rich Moniak is originally from Massachusetts. After getting a degree in civil engineering there he migrated to the Pacific Northwest. He settled in Juneau in 1990 and retired from the Coast Guard in May 2014. While he writes a weekly column for the opinion page of the Juneau Empire and has even been seen on street corners protesting with “radical” groups like Veterans for Peace and Juneau People for Peace Justice, Rich prefers living in the shadows where he can quietly wonder about simple ideas like beauty, fate and the vast space between the stars populated by our stories and dreams.

Jeff Smith

Jeff has lived in Juneau since 2015. He came to Alaska in 2012 for a teaching gig in Tuntutuliak, a small village outside of Bethel. He now works at SERRC (not SEARHC) as an Education Specialist, which means he does a lot of different things but is not all that expert in any of them. He grew up in a place that is round on the outside and hi in the middle, and enjoys crispy pork products and a nice hike here and there. Jeff loves Mudrooms because of the community it creates, and the opportunity it provides Juneauites to connect through shared human experience that our stories showcase.

David Noon

David is an American historian at the University of Alaska Southeast, whose students, faculty, and staff have generously tolerated his presence since 2002. He grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, and spent the better part of the 1990s in Minneapolis before making his way to Alaska, where he plans to ride out the apocalypse with his two children, who have generously tolerated his presence since 2006 and 2009. When he is not teaching, gazing into the middle distance, or mindlessly devouring sleeves of midnight saltines over the kitchen sink, David can often be found running on the sidewalks and trails of Juneau.

Kristen Ranken

Kristen was drawn to storytelling from the very first time she heard a story on The Moth podcast. She began learning the craft through an intensive course in Washington, DC and made her Mudrooms debut in 2018 describing a particularly humbling moment on the Appalachian Trail. Kristen works in public health and enjoys improv, theater, and all the hiking. She feels incredibly grateful to have lived on Lingít Aaní for the past few years and hopes for many more.

Jim Pfitzer a.k.a. Wild Man

Originally from Southeast Tennessee, Jim is a writer, photographer, naturalist, and storyteller with a long history of telling stories in the tradition of Southern Appalachian front porch yarn spinners and armchair historians. Ask him about himself, and he will tell you that he would rather paddle a canoe than drive a car and prefers watching birds to watching television. You might remember Jim from his Mudrooms debut when he told the story of how he came to be known as “Wild Man.” In service of a good story, Jim promises to never let the facts get in the way of the truth.

Khrystl Brouillette – The Postmodern Millenial

Khrystl first came to Juneau as a transfer student from California. She studied geography and environmental resources at UAS, with a focus on the hipsterfication of Juneau and geographic information systems. She started as a staff writer for the UAS Whalesong, and after one semester, became the editor-in-chief. She was the 2020 commencement student speaker. In her free time, she played trombone with Taku Winds, interned with a local non-profit, and taught Zumba.  After a COVID summer back in Cali, she decided to move back to Juneau to start her post-graduate life. She’s excited to be on the Mudrooms story board to help encourage younger people to attend and participate.


We count on the support of our super volunteer Laura Kurt, who keeps events running smoothly.

Mudrooms would like to recognize support from other community members not on our story board.

Previous storyboard members: Amanda Compton (founder), Pat Race, Marc Wheeler, Clint Farr, Katie Spielberger, Kristen Stouder, Steve Suewing, Pat Roach, Sara Hannan, Tom Cosgrove and Melissa Griffiths. Former volunteer Riley Woodford. Former photographers John Hutchins and Colin Shanley.
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