Are you one of the upcoming storytellers?

Curious, confused or anxious, this page should address most of what you need to know.

You’ve been confirmed
If you’ve asked to participate in a Mudrooms event and you have been confirmed as a storyteller, you will receive an email that will:

  • notify you that you are a confirmed storyteller
  • let you know the theme, date and time of the event at which you will be speaking

Two weeks to go
You will receive an email around 2 weeks before the event at which you are signed up to speak. This email will:

  • remind you where and when the event is
  • remind you of the theme of the event
  • let you know what time to arrive
  • ask you if you have a preference in the order you would like to speak
  • remind you that we do record your story, post the audio on our website, and that it will air on the public radio station
  • suggest tips (see below)
  • ask for a short biography (see below)

Audience members gather for April 2012’s Mudrooms event.








The audience is expecting something raw and from the heart, not a polished and perfect recitation.

Reading off a script and notes is discouraged.

Spend some time preparing your 7-minute piece.

  • check out this article about a young Masai boy who learned to overcome his shyness and speak at a TED event
  • listen to some of the previously recorded audio
  • practice your piece in front of friends
  • practice keeping your piece to around 6 minutes. You will likely find that once on stage, you will play up sections or pause for audience reaction
  • contact us if you would like to get some feedback. We would be happy to listen to you before the event

The hosts will introduce each storyteller with a brief (5-7 sentence) biography. As a storyteller, you are responsible for providing the biography. The biography may include:

  • where you were born and/or raised
  • what brought you to Juneau
  • if you are a resident, when you moved to Juneau
  • what you have done and currently do for work
  • whether you have a family and if you have children
  • your hobbies

Note that these are just suggestions. We encourage you to provide whacky and bizarre details, in addition to or in lieu of basic biographic details. The biography doesn’t have to be the best written and most creative set of sentences you have constructed. Your story will serve to communicate yourself to the audience.

Host Alida Bus introducing a storyteller.







A few days before the event
A few days before the event, you will receive one more email. This message will:

  • remind people who have not submitted a biography to do so
  • reiterate details such as the location and time of the event
  • let you know the order in which you will be speaking
  • encourage you to rehearse

Each Mudrooms event features a musician or group of musicians. They will start playing about half an hour before the event. There is a 20 minute intermission between storytellers 4 and 5. The musician(s) will play then as well.

The Big Night
Feel free to arrive early to get familiar with the space, throw a coat on a couple of seats to reserve and let us know you have arrived.

The two hosts for the evening will welcome the crowd and explain a little bit about what Mudrooms is all about, like the format and the evening’s theme. If you’ve been ignoring your inbox this is where you might want to perk up. A doe call will sound at the 5 minute mark; a buck call if a storyteller reaches 7 minutes.

Storyteller Kiara Alexander speaks at the March 2012 Mudrooms event.








Last, but most important, remember that people will enjoy and be excited to hear you – no matter what. People come to Mudrooms to hear stories from the heart. They are very accepting and encouraging. We are too, so let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

After the event, we will post the audio and some photos on this website. We will let you know when the audio will air on KTOO public radio, 104.3FM, though generally it airs on a Monday at 7 p.m.

Thanks for volunteering.

Still have questions? Write to us at: