The Season 12 finale is Tuesday, March 12th
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From crass to delicate, told by wallflowers or clowns, live stories are mesmerizing and raw. Don’t think fables, ghost or children’s stories. This is not a theatrical performance, but real life stories from your friends, acquaintances, and quite possibly, someone you have never met.

Each Mudrooms event features seven-minute personal stories from seven people on a monthly theme. All events are held at the Kunéix̱ Hídi Northern Light United Church, 400 West 11th St, Juneau, Alaska the second Tuesday from September through March at 7pm sharp.

100% of profits are donated to local non-profits. For Season 12 (2023-24), we’ll support Cancer Connection, Juneau Montessori and the Zach Gordon Youth Center. We’ve raised more than $158,000 to date.

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