Season 11 kicks off Sept. 13, 2022!

September’s theme is “Uncharted Territory” – do you have a story to tell? Stories that take you into the wild unknown…
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From crass to delicate, told by wallflowers or clowns, live stories are mesmerizing and raw. Don’t think fables, ghost or children’s stories. This is not a theatrical performance, but real life stories from your friends, acquaintances, and quite possibly, someone you have never met.

Each Mudrooms event features seven-minute personal stories from seven people on a monthly theme. All events are held at the Northern Light United Church, 400 West 11th St, Juneau, Alaska the second Tuesday from September through April at 7pm sharp.

100% of profits are donated to local non-profits. For Season 11 (2022-23), we’ll support Juneau Co-op Preschool, the Marie Drake Planetarium and others, TBD. We’ve raised more than $132,000 to date.

During covid-19, we eked out something of a 2020-2021 season (season 9.5) by recording new stories, audio-only, released via podcast and radio broadcast. Season 10 (2021-22) was abbreviated with shows in March and April only. We’re following local and CDC mitigation guidelines going into Season 11 (2022-23).

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If you’re with a non-profit interested in becoming a beneficiary of Mudrooms proceeds, learn how to apply here and send us an email.

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