October 2017 – After the Storm

Photos coming soon. Russel Sandstrom Seas as high as the masthead, some 35 feet. Russel Sandstrom LuAnn McVey & Richard Steele The “farang” ghosts are down there on the beaches still calling for help. LuAnn McVey & Richard Steele Leslie Gartman Romance with a 9 1/2 -foot tall paddle-board called Javier. Leslie Gartman Jennifer Seely A climate change debate at the face of the Mendenhall Glacier. Jennifer Seely Jenny McBride Mattresses are really heavy when water-logged. But all that stuff? It’s only stuff. Jenny McBride Kylynn Machir From victim to survivor…what’s next? How do we recover? Kylynn Machir Erika Bergren The streetlights of Oman looked like gnarled curled-up pretzels after the storm. Erika Bergren