November 2018 – In the Dark Erica Partlow Surprise! You’re delivering twins. Erica Partlow Peter Nakamnura In 1965, a Peace Corps medic being watched by Pakistanis in the dark. Peter Nakamnura Emily Ferry Adventure in Iceland: “It’s not until you’re in the dark that you get to dance with mountains.” Emily Ferry Peter Metcalfe Surviving two nights on the cliff face of the Perseverance Glory Hole before being rescued by helicopter. Peter Metcalfe Heather Ridgway The cold and dark can haunt children of the Kuskokwim all year round. A teacher’s takeaways from youth spirit camp in Napaimute, Alaska. Heather Ridgway Erin Walker-Tolles Escaping daytime desert heat by enjoying desert nighttime. Erin Walker-Tolles Eric Ovrasky In memoriam, a search for airplane remnants. Eric Ovrasky