November 2017 – If Only I’d Listened

Photos coming soon. Libby Bakalar It’s not about you. There’s nothing more powerful than understanding where someone else is coming from. Libby Bakalar KJ Metcalf Always listen to your wife! And if you get a chance, check out Turner Lake. KJ Metcalf John Smith A sluice box ride to remember. Pants or survival? The ultimate dilemma. John Smith Guy Archibald If all humans learned from others’ mistakes, we’d have colonized the universe. The universe is safe. Guy Archibald David Noon It’s not the large things that drive a man to the madhouse, it’s the small things. A shoelace snaps. David Noon Tom Cosgrove The vacuum of the future faces the flames of intuition ignored. Tom Cosgrove Mareta Weed A lost phone, an inner-voice ignored and an inglorious dumpster dive. Mareta Weed