Clint Farr Five days on the road without a bath? Revel in the odor! Clint Farr Tom Carson A trip 84 years in the making. A Chrysler man goes gliding. Tom Carson Kim Champney A whiteout in Laramie lead to an accident and an ill-fated trip back to the their forever home, Juneau. Kim Champney Eric Oravsky A great road trip starts with a good friend and a mission but ends with a story. Eric Oravsky Stephanie Hoag A float to Noorvik on the Kobuk, a walk through the dunes and a…ghost? Stephanie Hoag Arnold Liebelt Best friends roadtrip from Fairbanks to Florida and put some troubles behind them. Arnold Liebelt Pat Minick Finding a place in Chicago with Bubba proves tricky. Bubba doesn’t help. Pat Minick