March 2015 – Brush with the Law

Audio and photos coming after the event! photos. Gene Nelson Advice from a veteran Red Neck Alaskan Bachelor’s Party goer: “You will get killed or shot.” Gene Nelson Pete Griffin It appears that gazing at trumpeter swans may conjure the Mounties. Pete Griffin Rorie Watt If you have drugs in your pocket and you’re talking with a West African police officer, find the tall Russian guy in a speedo. Or he’ll find you. Rorie Watt Pat Watt From a Quaker boarding school to traffic stops, Pat’s familiar with rules. Pat Watt Mitch Jackson “Damn, boy, you get that girl pregnant?” Mitch Jackson Kristin Kranendonk Thinking she was dead was the only thing that saved her from her parents. Kristin Kranendonk Brandon Demery Open doors at Disney Land makes for a very magical (LSD) trip. Brandon Demery Rorie Watt 2 Rorie Watt 1 Pete Griffin 2 Pete Griffin 1 Pat Watt 2 Pat Watt 1 Mitch Jackson 2 Mitch Jackson 1 Mark Stopha Kristin Kranendonk 2 Kristin Kranendonk 1 Gene Nelson 2 Gene Nelson 1 Dan Edwards 2 Dan Edwards 1 Brandon Demery 2 Brandon Demery 1 audio