January 2016 – Second Chances

See bottom of page for photos Jennifer Mannix Breaking away from the paralysis of a childhood tragedy. Jennifer Mannix Miguel Rohrbacher “Now you know what it’s like to be a woman.” Miguel Rohrbacher Heather Ridgway It took 18 years to tie the knot, after second, third and fourth chances. Heather Ridgway Steve SueWing I remember the sound of the impact. Steve SueWing Caro Lyng Caro and her imposing stepfather both needed a second chance for a verbal battle worthy of song. Caro Lyng Elasonga Milligrock Bailing a skiff on a seal hunt, walking off a purse seiner and acquiring a son. Elasonga Milligrock Jonathan Smith A makeover on a national television show scores his brother a wife. Jon Smith Jon Smith's brother mudrooms1 mudrooms2 mudrooms3 mudrooms4 mudrooms5 mudrooms6 mudrooms7 mudrooms8 mudrooms9 mudrooms10 mudrooms11 mudrooms12 mudrooms13 mudrooms14 mudrooms15 mudrooms16 mudrooms17 mudrooms18 mudrooms19 mudrooms20