December 2014 – Accidents Happen

See bottom of page for photos. Bill Dillon Discovering poetry, on what it means to be a person, on $42 a month in Japan. Bill Dillon Crystal Dooley Small Town Famous for exceptionally bad parking skills. Crystal Dooley Michael Orr Everywhere I go I take me with me, (even the part that has fallen through a ceiling). Michael Orr Libby Bakalar A witness to the Twin Towers’ demise. Libby Bakalar Paul DeSloover Strong will and a calloused rump he pedaled from Michigan to…wait, the road’s closed? Juneau gains a new resident. Paul DeSloover Maia Wolf A family of mice spark new life in the hood of her car as she tries to strike a balance between risky behavior and caution. Maia Wolf Seth Smith A do-it-yourself brake and HELLO Dairy Queen! Seth Smith SethS2 SethS1 PaulD2 PaulD1 Muscians2 Muscians1 MighaelO2 MichaelO1 MaiaW2 MaiaW1 LibbyB2 LibbyB1 CrystalD1 BillD1