Karen Dammann White lies in Narnia as a mother refuses to teach her child to lie. Karen Dammann Greg Chaney The most famous Alaskan wilderness lie: “I’ll be fine.” A brush with a brown bear gets tense. Greg Chaney Bonnie Chaney A dashing Eskimo roll leads to  romance and a kayak trip to remember. Bonnie Chaney Jeremy Hsieh A mother is expecting quintuplets…or is she? A news story leads to a search order of a womb. Jeremy Hsieh Jill Ramiel A ritual of uninvited dinner crashes with some goodfellas leads to the murder of Santa Claus. Jill Ramiel Carly Dennis From Eagle River to Aberdeen, Scotland – a young environmentalist learns how to make a difference. Carly Dennis Sara Hannan A legendary huntress and her somewhat less motivated sister put food on the table. Sara Hannan