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Holiday Hullabaloo

December 2021’s theme is…Holiday Hullabaloo! Seasons greetings aren’t always merry; we want to hear about your Charlie Brown Christmas tree, take-out thanksgiving, Menorah mishap, or your white-out wonderland. Tell a story to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Mudrooms will … Continue reading


Plan B

November 2021 theme is…Plan B! Stories of things not going as planned; an immediate pivot that led to one of those funny stories or that changed your life forever. Unfortunate (or fortunate) happenstances. Burning the thanksgiving turkey before your new … Continue reading


Things that go Bump in the Night

October’s 2021 theme is a throwback to a crowd favorite: Things that go bump in the night! Do you have a spooky campfire story? What creatures visit your trash cans at 3 a.m.? Anything that made your heart race, stomach … Continue reading