September 2015 – The One that Got Away

See bottom of page for photos. Bob Bassett Ruminations on losses. Bob Basset Melanie Brown Something that almost didn’t happen, but did. Melanie Brown Taylor Zabloski All he wanted was to get to school. Taylor Zabloski Sage Richards Binky Boy, toilet toy. Sage Richards Evelyn┬áRichards Pacifiers: Why have one when you can have 10? Evelyn Richards Trevor Wade The kiss that broke the language barrier. Trevor Wade Joe Nelson Reflections on moving on. Joe Nelson Tori Talley Tree climbing dogs? Good Samaritan, bad idea. Tori Talley L1003948 L1003937 L1003916 L1003911_ff L1003895 L1003894 L1003856 L1003834 L1003821 L1003815 L1003801 L1003789 L1003776 L1003766 L1003757