September 10 – On the Water

See bottom of page for photos. Liz Villanueva Life is a cycle. Liz would prefer to be ON the water, not in. Liz Villanueva Phil Merrell Solo trek on the north coast of Spain and this guy’s feet get wrapped. Phil Merrell Chip McMillan A group of novice raft guide’s guinea pigs plucked one-by-one – starting the with guide. Chip McMillan> Rebecca Braun Through a chemotherapy treatment Rebecca learns about empty spaces, and the ebb that makes the flow. Rebecca Braun> Dennis Egan From Foodland employee to deckhand to eight fingers. Dennis Egan Michael Patterson Former smoker turned Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease advocate, Michael listens to the little voice and weathers Hurricane Sandy. Michael Patterson Giselle Stone Finding a job in San Francisco versus sailing on to tacos, or the terror of trickling water? Giselle Stone Travis k2 Travis k1 travis 4 travis 2 Phil k4 Phil k3 phil 3 phil 2 Michael k1 michael 4 michael 1 Liz k2 Liz k1 liz 3 liz 2 line k2 line k1 line 4 line 3 katie 1 hosts k4 hosts 9 hosts 8 hosts 7 hosts 4 hosts 3 hosts 2 hosts 1 Giselle k2 giselle 4 giselle 3 Gieselle k1 Dennis k2 Dennis k1 dennis 3 crowd k3 crowd k2 crowd k1 crowd 4 crowd 1 Chip k2 Chip k1 chip 4 chip 3 Becca k2 Becca k1 becca 2 becca 1