May 2012 – Secrets

See bottom of page for photos. Michael Levine After a Juneau hiking experience in jean shorts, tennis shoes and a purple Power Bar, Mike makes the decision to call the town home, and buy some Gore-Tex. Michael Levine Carolyn Bergstrom How do those itty bitty fish survive? Well done, Pig. Carolyn Bergstrom Ron Clarke Ron’s fixated on Mad Dog, a 1990s professional wrestler with filed teeth and a fit of the giggles. Ron Clarke Becca Braun Memory ebbs and flows, whether or not we remember it. Some memories need help being kept, some need planting. Becca Braun April Rebert An asexual human grows balls of skin under her fingernails that become mating porcupines. Or, the life cycle of a fern. April Repert Angelo Katasse Watch out ladies. This young man has some lessons about love. Angelo Katasse