October 14 – Small World

See bottom of page for photos. Due to technical problems the stories were re-recorded after they were told live at the October event. Our apologies. Jamie Marks French silent treatment relieved by a stew and a tart. Jamie Marks Kristin Garot I learned I was a liar, got my 3rd identity and found out how hard it is to tell the truth. Kristin Garot Phil Campbell The Phil Campbells of the nation unite to rebuild Phil Cambell, Alabama after a tornado. audio not available Sara Hannan Never be surprised to see a Juneau resident ANYWHERE in the world! Sara Hannan Sarah Nieko A small world means it’s all of ours to support. Sarah Nieko Jeremy Johnson A Small World means the world to us. audio not available Katie Spielberger Cast your net wide, take heed of which pool. Katie Spielberger crowd 1 crowd 3 hosts 1 hosts 2 Ian 1 Ian 2 Ian 4 Jaime 1 Jeremy 1 Jeremy 2 Katie 1 Katie 2 Katie 3 Kristin 1 Phil 1 Phil 2 Sara 1 Sara 2 Sarah 1 crowd 2