November 2013 – Scars

See bottom of page for photos. Bill Hanson A boy meets his father before his mother does. Bill Hanson Jamison Paul How do scars make us who we are? Jamison Paul Olivia Pitesa Scars bind a family split between two continents. Olivia Pitesa Quinn White Middle school wrestling, a trampoline and a twinkie – what could go wrong? Quinn White Emily Ricci Scars usher boys into manhood and unite a village. Emily Ricci Larry Blatnick A father grapples with the scar left by the loss of his son. Larry Blatnick Tony Tengs A scar adds to one’s bilaterally asymmetrical beauty. Tony Tengs Mudrooms016 Mudrooms015 Mudrooms014 Mudrooms013 Mudrooms012 Mudrooms011 Mudrooms010 Mudrooms009 Mudrooms007 Mudrooms006 Mudrooms005 Mudrooms004 Mudrooms003 Mudrooms002 Mudrooms001