May 13 – Poop, Parasites and Pests

See bottom of the page for photos. Audio coming soon…

Aaron Cook
The morning after a bachelor party, a spud gun and a port-a-potty.
Aaron Cook

Todd Mace
Bellowing, reverberating sewage pipe eruption, complete with poo-nami and aftershock.
Aaron Cook

Travis Smith
If your bones don’t feel like they’re shattering, you’re not leaving traces of malarial feces.
Travis Smith

Jordan Watson
Excuse me – have you seen a naked bloody guy with a rock in one hand and his feces in the other?
Jordan Watson

Jacob Riddle
If you’re a man and you clog the women’s toilet, if the window and air ducts are not option, go for the falsetto.
Jacob Riddle

Zach Wilkinson
Decaying bird poop sent this wannabe cowboy running for academia.
Zach Wilkinson

Tracy Goldsmith
The Circle of Wipes; a new normal.
Tracy Goldsmith

Timothy Miles
This one time an elephant crapped on his head.
Timothy Miles

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