May 2013 – Something Fishy

See bottom of page for photos. Kirk Hardcastle Fleeing Costa Rica to LA with a gaggle of teen-age boys, an 80-year old woman, Los Federales and descending helicopters. KirkHardcastle Meg Cartwright 6-foot rise in water makes counting sockeye return difficult with a 1.5 mile line of inpatient fish. MegCartwright Clint Farr Farr goes Wobegon-style with an amalgam of family fun, (adult novels, first teeth, first catches), along the Seward Highway, centered around rivers and the food they contain. Clint Farr Sara Conarro Post Thanksgiving Trivial Pursuit game reveals a questionable blood type. Scandal or confusion? SaraConarro Zane Jones Zane’s analogy for turning 30: At a trophy trout reservoir in ID, a jaw drops, comb, wallet and cigs hit the bank, a 9.5 dive into the water…and a broken line. ZaneJones Giselle Stone Submerged in the dark with a merman, sharing the most beautiful experience of their lives with a little help from bioluminescence. GiselleStone Pat Roach A high school cooking competition, shipping salmon without ice, the smell of rotten fish. Awful joy, at whose expense? PatRoach Full Show with Music Full audio recording, including mike stand adjustments. FullShow Zane_2 Zane_1 Sarah_2 Sarah_1 Pat_2 Pat_1 music_2 music_1 Meg_2 Meg_1 Kirk_2 Kirk_1 Hosts_1 Giselle_2 Giselle_1 Clint_2 Clint_1 Rorie_2 Rorie_1 Rita_2 Rita_1 Rich_1 music Koren_2 Koren_1 George_3 George_2 Fletcher_2 Fletcher_1 crowd_3 crowd_2 crowd_1 Bruce_2 Bruce_1