January 2015 – Rear View Mirror

See bottom of page for photos. Iris Nash And expert at leaving, she learned she was only running from herself. Iris Nash KJ Metcalf KJ finds himself in a series of wildlife encounters with his pants around his ankles. KJ Metcalf Julie North Sinclair Do you want to go for a boat ride, Julie? Julie North Sinclair Bill Hanson If this was 2017, this would be my life… Bill Hanson Ryan Johnson On the specifics of being a Dirt Bag. Ryan Johnson Kristen Stouder Looking forward through the windshield allows the events in her rear view mirror to become further and further away. Kristen Stouder Kanaan Bausler And now you can’t ask him what the sketchiest thing that happened on his trip was. Promise. Kanaan Bausler Ryan 2 Ryan 1 music 2 music 1 Kristen 3 Kristen 2 Kristen 1 KJ 2 KJ 1 Kanaan 2 Kanaan 1 Julie 2 Julie 1 Iris 2 Iris 1 hosts crowd 2 crowd 1 Bill 3 Bill 2 Bill 1