February 2016 – Romantic Entanglements

See bottom of page for photos Eric Oravsky He had to chose between falling in love over worm feces or chess. Eric Oravsky India Busby From a One Direction band member to a girl to her best friend and back to One Direction – this is love. India Busby Stephanie Ashley Small town orgy solicitations may come back to haunt you. Stephanie Ashley Greg Chaney Funny, the warmer the frosting was, the easier it was to put on. A lesson in cake tectonics. Greg Chaney Ildi Nylen And I said, “As long as it doesn’t go to Alaska. Do not send me to Alaska.” Ildi Nylen Brian O‚ÄôSullivan She’s a woman; I’m gay. It’s never going to happen. So we saw how far we could push it. Papaya baths and all. Brian O’Sullivan Melissa Griffiths An attempt at non-monogomy. Melissa Griffiths mudrooms1 mudrooms2 mudrooms3 mudrooms4 mudrooms5 mudrooms6 mudrooms7 mudrooms8 mudrooms9 mudrooms10 mudrooms11 mudrooms12 mudrooms13 mudrooms14 mudrooms15 mudrooms16 mudrooms17 mudrooms18