December 2015 – Kindness of Strangers

See bottom of page for photos. Bob Coghill Bob Coghill Janelle Vondrashek Janelle Vondrashek Phil Campbell Phil Campbell Phoebe Rohrbacher Phoebe Rohrbacher Chris Knight Chris Knight Tom Cosgrove Tom Cosgrove Bob Coghill 2 Bob Coghill Charles Rohrbacher 2 Charles Rohrbacher Chris Knight 2 Chris Knight hosts 2 hosts Jenelle Vondrashek 2 Jenelle Vondrashek Kevin Crowley 2 Kevin Crowley music Phil Campbell 2 Phil Campbell Phoebe Rohrbacher 1 Phoebe Rohrbacher 2 Phoebe Rohrbacher 3 Tom Cosgrove 1 Tom Cosgrove 2