December 12 – Awkward

See bottom of page for photos. Katie Bausler There’s nothing more awkward than being unfashionably early in Juneau. Katie Bausler Steve SueWing Steve’s parents fell in love, despite differences that could have been uncomfortable in northern Idaho in the 1970s. Steve SueWing Karla Hart From hand sanitizer to neurotoxins, a 10-week journey of fighting a possible louse infection in Thailand. Karla Hart Clint Farr Movies that bring you to tears are wonderful, except maybe when you’re a tongue-tied teenager on a date. Clint Farr Kathy Hocker At one of Boston’s finest restaurants, a unexpected lesson from a young child. Kathy Hocker Bill Leighty No date for an exclusive dinner on a cruise ship? Try the PTA meeting. Bill Leighty Katie Moritz Her veterinarian parents weren’t squeamish about anything until her little brother hit puberty, leaving Katie to answer his difficult questions. Katie Moritz Steve 2 Steve 1 music 1 Katie B 2 Katie B 1 Katie 2 Katie 1 Kathy 2 Kathy 1 Karla 2 Karla 1 crowd Clint 2 Clint 1 Bill 2 Bill 1 Mudrooms016 Mudrooms015 Mudrooms014 Mudrooms013 Mudrooms012 Mudrooms011 Mudrooms010 Mudrooms009 Mudrooms007 Mudrooms006 Mudrooms005 Mudrooms004 Mudrooms003 Mudrooms002 Mudrooms001