December 2012 – Gifts

See bottom of page for photos. Teri Camery A whole lot of stuff clears the path for recognizing the importance of sharing time with loved ones. Teri Camery Mark Ridgeway A hitch in the hitch, (“It just flew off!”), shows the power of camaraderie. Mark Ridgeway John Hutchins 1959 plus nine generations yields a viola, encompassing the range of love and sorrow. John Hutchins Ariel Lyon Missing: white mouse. Last seen? 4th of July parade. Ariel Lyon Sue Ellen Tatter A rearranged nativity scene paves the way for financing a former brothel and black jack house. Sue Ellen Tatter Kate Troll Actual candles on a tree, potato pancakes, the kindness of German strangers. Kate Troll Deborah Smith Scouting for pilot Bobbie’s remains in the WWII aftermath. Deborah Smith