March 2012 – Cabin Fever

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Katie Spielberger
Airing on the side of interesting, even if that includes a spray tan, with “dye-like properties.”

Brian Delay
Seven siblings helped create many of Brian’s virtues, including his ability to hold in his pee.
audio not available

Beth Weigel
Beth endures chemo via “Punk Defiant Girl,” “Rasta Girl,” and “The Mask.”

Pete Griffin
Showered with deer hair, Pete battles the ghost of Old Bill Murphy.

Pat McLear
Pat was raised by her mom, dad and Fenway Park.

Erik Boraas
A pile of rotten legs and 72-year old Billy Miller elevates Erik’s wisdom in Hope, Alaska.

Kiara Alexander
Kiara goes on a hunt for some “stuff” and ends up under a kitchen table with an old lady.